LUBBOCK, Texas – One Lubbock boy is upset tonight and is asking for the public’s help after his favorite tricycle was stolen. Jude Porras is like any other 11-year-old who loves to spend his time cruising around his neighborhood any chance he gets. 

“Anytime the weather’s nice, he’ll get on it and he’ll ride it, he’ll be up and down the block, he’ll go all the way down the block to this big driveway, he will turn around in the driveway and then come all the way back to the side of the car lot,” said Roxann Martinez, Jude’s mom. 

Jude has autism, and the tricycle is perfect for his specific needs. 

“I’ve tried giving him like regular bicycles to two wheelers. I even tried the little ones with the training wheels, and he just won’t do it. This is the first tricycle or bicycle he’s ever tried to ride, without help or anything. He does it all on his own. It is a special needs tricycle,” said Martinez. 

But when they realized Jude’s tricycle was stolen, it became a nightmare for the family. 

“He went looking for it, he went looking behind the driveway, he went looking behind the tree, and then he was so sad, like it broke my heart because he was so sad. He just wanted to ride it. 

and so he goes ‘bike stolen, bike stolen,’ and he gets all sad about it,” said Martinez. 

Martinez hopes someone can come forward with information about the missing tricycle. 

“It breaks my heart because literally everybody on that block knows that that was my son’s tricycle, and they know he’s special needs and for them just to steal it like it was no big deal. It just breaks my heart that someone could steal from a kid like that,” said Martinez.

Martinez also has a GoFundMe set up to help buy Jude a new tricycle. You can donate here.