LUBBOCK, Texas – Ryder Mcdonald was laid to rest today after he tragically passed away in a dirt bike crash on Saturday, September 25. 

Mcdonald was only 15-years-old, saving five lives through the selfless act of organ donation. 

“He was a simple young man. Good old West Texas cowboy, soft spoken, blond-haired blue-eyed Angel, stole the hearts of everyone that had the pleasure of knowing him,” said the family’s pastor during his service. 

Ryder was celebrated with live music, following with a ride-along to honor the thing he loved to do the most, ride his dirt bike. 

“Ryder loved to drink coffee especially with his mother. He loves riding horses, fishing with his cousin and friends, hunting, riding dirt bikes, and listening to live music with partner in crime, his sister,” said the Pastor. 

The service was filled with countless family, friends and loved ones all celebrating his life and paying their respects. 

“He led every day to spread his contagious joy and love to everyone he was in contact with,” said the Pastor. 

His friends from school, sharing their favorite memories with Ryder. 

“We would ride dirt bikes, always hanging out with all our friends. He was just always super energetic, really nice person, always really crazy, always given us dumb ideas and stuff to do,” said Brady Read, friend of Ryder. 

“He was just really joyful and happy, kind to everybody and I didn’t really know that many people in that class, but he welcomed me in, and he was nice,” said Kye Israel, friend of Ryder. 

His loved ones now carry his legacy with them wherever they go.

“I’ll try to be better to my parents and all of that like he was,” said Israel. 

“There is comfort in knowing that Ryder is riding in the fields with our Lord and Savior,” said the Pastor. 

To support his family, you can send donations to the Wellington Bank under the name Lacy Ferrell, or you can donate to a GoFundMe set up for the family here.