LUBBOCK, Texas — On Wednesday, the Democratic and Republican Chairs for Lubbock County spoke to regarding Trump supporters who stormed the Capitol. Both said they disapprove the violence, calling it unpatriotic.

“I’m disgusted, I’m sad and I’m very angry,” Gracie Gomez, Chair for the Democratic Party of Lubbock County, said.

She said the insurrection of protestors has been encouraged, not only by the President, but by state and local leaders. Both objected to the results of the election, although claims regarding election fraud have gone unfounded.

“Ted Cruz, Jodey Arrington shame on you, shame on what you have caused,” Gomez said.

The chair of the Republican party for Lubbock County, Cole Shooter, said he is a supporter of the president, and was disappointed when he lost the election.

“There are a number of folks who believe that there was a lot of voter fraud and thing is it’s possible that voter fraud was out there,” Shooter said.

However, he said there are better ways for people to voice their grievances, rather than storming the Capitol.

“Make sure to make sure that all of your friends and relatives make it out to the ballot box,” Shooter said.

After a day of unforgettable scenes happening more than a thousand miles from Lubbock, both chairs say it’s time to move forward.

“I hope our lawmakers can actually step up to the plate and see this for what it is and say ‘no more,'” Gomez said.

“This is going to end, and it’s and it’s going to end I think without a whole lot in the way of repercussions but I don’t really want to get this kind of start when we really gotta be thinking about the midterms,” Shooter said.