LUBBOCK, Texas — A Lubbock woman and her husband caused quite the stir on social media after they helped a homeless woman who was arrested for criminal trespass on Friday.

Kala Dennis told she and her husband, Jason, saw the booking photo of Marilyn Williams on the Facebook page “Lubbock County Mugshots.”

According to court documents obtained by, Williams was arrested at a grocery store for “violating” a trespass warning.

According to Dennis, the couple made the decision to bail Williams out of jail.

Dennis said the couple first met the woman whom they call “Miss Sue” at a fast-food restaurant about four years ago when they purchased a meal for her. Afterwards, the couple had seen Miss Sue around Lubbock and made sure to help any way they could.

After Williams was bailed out, Kala and her husband learned Williams was engaged.

Dennis told Williams was a military veteran who just “had a lot of bad luck.”

Dennis and her husband managed to raise about $3,000 for Williams. The couple helped Williams obtain a hotel room as well help the medication she needs to treat a medical condition she has.

Dennis encouraged the public to “step out of [their] comfort zone” and help someone who may be struggling.