LUBBOCK, Texas — A group of Lubbock educators and artists have put together a spoof of ‘9to 5’ by Dolly Parton. The lyricist, Erin Castle said she created the song to shed a positive light on what educators are going through while they work through quarantine.

“I had this music running through my head,” Castle said.

Castle is the president for the Lubbock Community Theatre Board of Directors. She is also an AP Capstone and IB coordinator at Lubbock High School. A year ago, she played ‘Violet’ in LCT’s production of ‘9 to 5.’

“I found myself waking up three o’ clock in the morning with quarantine brain,” Castle said. “Suddenly the lyrics started to morph into 8 to 4.”

She took the previous song, and made it her own. It took her about an hour to write, but knew she couldn’t let her dreams shatter. She invited her former cast-mates and fellow educators to help the song come to life. History teacher, Gail Shooter said she has never done anything like this before.

 “Erin posted about it on Facebook and asked if any of her teacher friends would be interested in participating and I told her sure that sounds like fun,” Shooter said.

Daniel Ballard with Journalism & Creative Media Industries at Texas Tech University helped to put the video together.

To watch the video, visit the LCT Facebook page here: