LUBBOCK, Texas – One Firehouse employee was in for a surprise when he went into work Wednesday. Justin Cadzow has worked at Firehouse Subs at Canyon West for over two years as a cashier, always going above and beyond for his customers.  

“When he comes in, he’s smiling, and he’s happy, he seems happy to do his job. It’s like he’s thankful for it and he enjoys it, and we just wanted him to know he makes a difference in people’s whole day like that,” said Hali Maria-Latino, a Firehouse regular. 

 Maria-Latino says Justin is attentive to his customers, offering to throw away their trash or get them a lid for their drinks. 

“I always make sure my guests come first, whenever they come through the door, I have welcomed them through the door and when they’re at my register, I make sure they are front and center,” said Cadzow. 

His care for his customers is why Maria-Latino and her co-worker, Whitney, decided to head to social media to raise money for Cadzow in the season of giving. Within days of posting, comments and donations flooded their inbox along with many customers sharing their same heart-felt encounters. 

“There were so many people that I didn’t even know, like, people started commenting that actually knew him and they said, ‘Oh, I know exactly who you’re talking about.’ And so they would tell us a little bit about their experience, best customer service they’ve had, and then people just started donating,” said Maria-Latino. 

“It makes me feel very happy that I make a difference in everyone’s lives,” said Cadzow. 

Customers raised a thousand dollars for Cadzow. 

“It was just a complete surprise. It was just a complete shock. I wasn’t expecting that much money,” said Cadzow. 

The entire heartfelt moment was caught on camera during his shift. 

“I don’t even know that he had time to read the card. He just kind of opened it up and he just looked, he says ‘$1,000?’ and he started crying,” said Maria-Latino. 

The money will give Justin the opportunity to see his family just in time for the holidays.

“He’s not overlooked, and people see him and that he makes a difference,” said Maria-Latino. 

 “No matter how small your job is, you can make the most impact no matter where you’re working,” said Cadzow.