Lubbock, Texas — The Department of Public Safety and Office of Emergency Management held emergency exercises for the week of October 23 through 27.

The exercises were to see how emergency responders would handle and assist while following protocols, according to a press release.

The exercises had been planned months ago and are a joint- effort with the DPS, Lubbock Fire Rescue, Office of Emergency Management and Texas Tech University to do these exercises, according to the press release.

Joe Moudy, director of Emergency Management for the City of Lubbock said the effort is part of the statewide exercise.

“We tie into our multiyear training and exercise program.” Said, Joe Moudy, “This allows not only the city of Lubbock, but our partnering organizations to review plans, policies, processes and see how we can improve those before something actually happens.”

Sgt. Johnny Bures, of the Texas Department of Public Safety, said if there is no threat ongoing if the public sees more than usual first responders.

Bures said if there was a threat, the public would be notified immediately.

“We would share this message out with media.” Said Bures,” We’d have other forms of broadcasting this so we could let the public know, you know, we have the alert system that we can utilize. So you may be getting alerts on phone, TV radio.”