LUBBOCK, Texas – The food truck community is quickly growing in the Hub City. Some of Lubbock’s oldest food trucks to some of the newest believe this is the place to start this kind of business. 

Pete Gotsis owns Pete’s Curbside food truck, which started as a food cart in 2008. He’s seen many food trucks pop up since then, many within the last few years and even months. 

One of Lubbock’s newest food trucks is Bondi Bowls. Owners Hudson and Kaili Hutchinson said they were nervous to take a chance on the Hub City, but have been overwhelmed with the amount of inquiries and bookings since they opened this last March. 

Even with the many food trucks lining up, that doesn’t mean someone can just buy one and start operating. There’s a lot of paperwork and inspections that go into opening one. The city’s health department said they will work with food trucks to correct the issues at hand and get them permitted. 

“It’s kind of daunting if you’ve never been in the food industry before to know what they’re talking about and the requirements and the measurements,” Kaili Hutchinson said. 

Gotsis added, “We’ve got a $575 permit, we’ve got a $250 permit, of course, you have to have insurance and all the other stuff.”

They said that all of the hard work it takes to get rolling is well worth it. 

To find out where food trucks are going to be located on a daily basis, visit the Lubbock Food Trucks Today Facebook group