Lubbock gym holds off on reopening, trying to get Governor Abbott’s attention to open up for all


LUBBOCK, Texas – Zach’s Club West held back on opening their doors Monday, hoping to get Governor Greg Abbott’s attention. Initially, they wanted to take the chance and open up for their members because it did not seem fair for all the other places that were open. After talking to local government, they came up with a better solution.

“I’m able to start my day off at Walmart, and then go to the grocery store, and, you know, from there, I can go to the mall, and then I go to a movie and then out to eat. Why can I not go physically fit and healthy within a club that is following all the same guidelines that everybody else says,” said Brandan Fokken, Zach’s Club West Wellness Director.

The club is doing everything in its power to open back up by following all the new rules. Some of their measures include spreading their equipment out, having people come into deep clean, having cleaning stations and also having hand sanitizer in the facility for people to use. They hope this will show Governor Abbott they are willing to do anything.

“This is a home for a lot of people reduces anxiety, you know in fights, obesity, high blood pressure and a lot of the things that essentially are killing people because of this COVID outbreak,” said Fokken.

They are even willing to go to jail and risk fines, by defying the governor’s order. Mayor Dan Pope says he understands why they’re upset.

“I agree with their position. They are frustrated they want to go back to work. They want people to be healthy but we are not quite there yet. I promise to share their thoughts with the strike force and with the governor’s office and we would like to get them open,” said Mayor Pope.

For now, the doors will remain closed and they’re sending a letter to Governor Abbott, expressing why they should get the green light.

“It’s not about the one anymore it’s not about us it’s about the masses. And if we can help our city, our community, but the state of Texas as a whole, it’s worth it,” said Fokken.

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