LUBBOCK, Texas – The coolest job in town has been working hard to stay cold despite the triple digit weather. The Lubbock Ice Chef, Robert Tuthill, says he has seen a decline in orders because of the weather.

“Summertime, especially this summer, there’s not many outside events. I mean, nobody wants to be outside. So everything that I do is for a venue, you know it’s inside and it’s really in decline,” said Tuthill. 

Tuthill has been sculpting ice for almost 30 years now, taking the hobby to a whole new level with his designs.  

“I started out doing fruit and cheese and vegetables and stuff,” said Tuthill, “but the ice seems to call to me, I guess.”

What started out as a hobby, is now Tuthill’s favorite pastime, “You put your pride into it, you put your heart into it, and then watch it melt away.” 

Some sculptures take anywhere from an hour and a half to 15 hours to complete, “When the client calls me, we decide on the piece they want, pull the ice out, and then I’ll get after it with the tools. I probably have almost 400 pieces of different tools,” said Tuthill. 

Tuthill states that he gets double the amount of business in the winter months than he does during the summer, “it’s all about repeat customers and one way you can get repeat customers is do it right. You know, take pride in your work and do it right.”

You can visit the Lubbock Ice Chef’s Facebook here.