LUBBOCK, Texas — On Monday and Thursday, staff with Lubbock Impact posted on Facebook on behalf of the non-profit’s executive director, Rory Thomas.

The text message turned Facebook post read in part:

I have not called out so much for prayer since my daughter’s accident 10 years ago–but now I am so thankful for the many friends that share my faith and are praying for me. I look forward to praying and living life with everyone SOON!!!”

Krystal Bennett, longtime friend and Wednesday night dinner coordinator said Thomas is the heart of the organization.

“She is currently in ICU at UMC, so we can’t see her. Her family can’t see her,” Bennett said.

Rory contracted the virus more than two weeks ago, during a weekend away from the office.

“We’re just concerned for her and about her,” Bennett said.

Rory’s only form of communication with her loved ones are through text messages.

“Her cellphone has, and the few texts that we get have been very comforting,” Bennett said.

So with her consent, the folks with Lubbock Impact shared a recent text on Facebook from Rory.

“But we all know the truth, and that is that I will be fine no matter what. Jesus Christ is my Savior, my refuge and my strength. Then she goes on to say no don’t get me wrong, I’m doing everything possible to get well and get out of here and get back amongst the living, but whatever our concerns are I am comforted by her saying I’m going to be fine, regardless of what happens,” Bennett read.

Bennett, among others, is using the message to continue on with what Thomas started, even if it may be difficult without Rory. Bennett said Rory helped them with their last Wednesday during their drive-thru soup kitchen.

“From the hospital she finished up the order,” Bennett said.

But now, however, staff are having to prepare for their next drive thru soup kitchen without her, and feed more than 1,500 people amidst the pandemic.

“She does it with grace and patience and we’re just struggling in her absence,” Bennett said.

As they figure things out, Bennett said they are asking for continued prayer.

“Rory asked for prayers of improvement so that’s what we’re going to pray for,” Bennett said.

The following Facebook post was made on Thursday evening with an update from Rory:

The next soup kitchen drive-thru will be held at Lubbock Impact on Wed. Oct. 14.