Lubbock judge issues news media gag order, man accused of murdering police officer


Hollis Daniels in court, August 2019, (Nexstar/Staff)

LUBBOCK, Texas — State District Judge Williams Sowder issued a news media gag order on Tuesday afternoon related to the lawsuit Carmen East filed against Hollis Alvin Daniels, III.

Daniels is held in the Lubbock County Detention Center for capital murder. He is charged with shooting and killing police officer Floyd East on the campus of Texas Tech University in October 2017.

Carmen East, the widow of Floyd East, sued Daniels this week for wrongful death, and the capital murder case is still pending. broke the story that Carmen East sued for $1 million or more and other Lubbock-area news outlets also wrote stories.

The gag order said in part:

As a result of the news stories relating to the defendant it is ORDERED that those persons involved in the investigation, the prosecution, and the defense of this civil case refrain from further communication with all news media, including but not limited to, newspaper, print, electronic, television, and radio media regarding this case. These persons are also FURTHER ORDERED to refrain from posting on social media regarding this case.

The Court is of the opinion that “communication” as referenced herein includes the distribution of information, including but not limited to, offense reports, witness statements, forensic reports, autopsy reports, video and/or audio tapes, and any other information that could be conceivably presented as evidence at the trial.

The Court prohibits the release of any information to the news media or any other person requesting any material or reports.

Criminal records filed after the shooting death of East said East and other officers arrested Daniels for drug possession. Daniels was inside the Texas Tech police station and had a handgun with him. That gun was stolen according to multiple public records.

Official records said Daniels shot East and then ran out of the police station. He was captured and re-arrested a few hours later.

Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty against Daniels.

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Carmen East is represented by the Payne, Powell and Truitt Law Group. Matt Powell was the Lubbock County Criminal District Attorney at the time of Daniel’s arrest and indictment.

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