LUBBOCK, Texas – Multiple Lubbock lawmakers shared their thoughts Friday on the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. 

Senator Charles Perry, State Representative Jodey Arrington, and House Representative Dustin Burrows shared similar reactions – all believing this was the right decision to make in order to correct a mistake that they say was made 49 years ago. 

Perry said, “We made a lot of headway the last few years. And we knew these days could come, I’ll be honest, I didn’t see it really coming in my tenure as an elected official. It’s an awesome process to be a part of.”

Burrows said in a statement, “This day is long overdue. Life is the most precious gift from God, and millions of lives have ended before getting an opportunity to experience this gift.  In Texas, the unborn will finally be protected for the first time in my lifetime.”

He added that he welcomes conversations regarding women’s health care and strengthening that process. 

Arrington added, “I think there are resources available to counsel women and to provide services to them. We need to have adoption services, and programs and processes that make it seamless for a transition of that child.”

Some might think that because Lubbock is a Sanctuary City for the Unborn, this decision won’t affect the citizens. However, that isn’t the case. 

“The law has been given back to the States – that’s just basically an umbrella if you will, solidifying the decision or for the Sanctuary City for the Unborn,” Perry explained. 

This means each state will now have the option to effectively ban abortions or not. These lawmakers

“I’m just pleased that we have a court that got it right. And that honored and upheld the Constitution,” Arrington said.

Perry added, “We stood up for what God treasures most and that’s his creation.”