LUBBOCK, Texas — On Saturday, Lubbock lawmakers voted in favor of the impeachment of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton. He was impeached in a vote of 121-23.

“The allegations (which everyone I know believes to be true), suggests a pattern of him selling the power of his office for personal gain, including the issuing of subpoenas for someone who employed his mistress,” Lubbock representative Dustin Borrows said in a social media post. “Is this the conduct and character that Texans deserve as their representation?”

Lubbock representative Carl Tepper said in a press release that he was comfortable in the decision he made in voting to impeach Paxton.

“I voted to impeach Mr. Paxton not because I believe he is guilty of the allegations brought against him but because I believe enough evidence exists for the Texas Senate to conduct a trail on the allegations,” Tepper said.