LUBBOCK, Texas— A Lubbock man was arrested after a police report accused him of having a machine gun in his vehicle on Monday, according to the Lubbock Police Department.

Jordan Vidaurre, 20, was pulled over for a routine traffic stop when the officer smelled marijuana coming from the Vidaurre’s car.

According to the police report, the officer searched Vidaurre for any weapons and did not find anything. Vidaurre told the officer there was a firearm under the passenger seat. The officer searched then, according to the report, found a machine gun.

Vidaurre admitted to smoking marijuana before he was pulled over and said the machine gun belonged to his cousin.

“He left [the machine gun] in the vehicle for approximately 2 days and had yet to return it to his cousin,” the police report said.

Vidaurre was charged with Prohibited Weapons, Unlawful Carry of a Weapon, and Possession of Marijuana.

As of Tuesday afternoon, Vidaurre remained in custody at the Lubbock County Detention Center on bonds totaling more than $6,000.