LUBBOCK, Texas — A warrant for aggravated assault of a peace officer was served on Jerome Garcia, 41, Thursday. He was already jailed for a shooting incident on July 5.

Police said he led officers on a chase which ended at 121st Street and Kenosha Avenue.

The reason for the chase, according to police, was that he fired shots during a confrontation with someone at a business in the 3700 block of Avenue Q.

The new warrant said, “Lubbock Police Officers attempted to arrest Garcia, who was still seated in the driver’s seat of his vehicle. Garcia raised the shotgun and pointed it at [an] officer … placing him in immediate fear of serious bodily injury or death. As [the] officer … discharged his duty weapon at Garcia, Garcia fired two rounds from the shotgun through the front windshield at [the officer’s] marked Lubbock Police Department Patrol vehicle.”

In addition to pointing a gun at officers and firing, police said Garcia used his vehicle to ram a marked patrol vehicle.

Officers fired at Garcia and wounded him.

Garcia spent time at University Medical Center to recover from gunshots before he was then transferred to the Lubbock County Detention Center. At first, he was only charged for the incident along Avenue Q. But on Thursday, the second charge was added.

The new charge carried a $300,000 bond. Garcia remained in the detention center.