LUBBOCK, Texas — Johnny Gafford, 34, was arrested Wednesday and charged for indecency with a child. In July 2021, officers were called to a residence in Central Lubbock. A mother told police that her daughter made claims of Gafford “rubbing on her” after he had been drinking, and it was “not an isolated incident.”

The mother told police she found Gafford’s internet search, which included a search of “how to” engage in a particular form of sexual abuse.

Police talked to Gafford at the time. He said the claims were false and came from a custody dispute. An arrest warrant was issued January 24. The warrant claimed offenses in December 2018 and April 2019. Three counts were listed as second-degree felonies.

The age of the victim was not listed, but the category of crime was for a victim “younger than 17.”

Gafford was held Thursday on bonds totaling $200,000.