LUBBOCK, Texas– A man told Lubbock Police he was shot early Sunday morning as he getting ready to walk into a club, according to a LPD police report.

Officers responded to the Covenant Medical Center Emergency Room for reports of an assault, the report said. The victim, who chose to not name publicly, showed up in a private vehicle at the ER claiming he was shot outside of a club.

Additionally, the victim also claimed he was new to Lubbock and did not know exactly which club he was at, nor did he know the person who dropped him off at the ER, the report said. Furthermore, he said he only lived in Lubbock for about a month.

Another off-duty officer was working security at the ER and spoke with the victim while the ER staff worked on wounds located on his right hip, the report said.

The off-duty officer began looking him over but found various amounts of cash on him instead, according to the report.

The officer also found a blunt roach and five baggies of marijuana in the victim’s right cargo pocket.

The officer asked the victim if he usually sold marijuana in clubs he was not familiar with because of the way the marijuana was packaged.

The victim said he bought the marijuana as is and said he was not selling, the report said. Furthermore, the victim said he only had the cash on him to avoid leaving it in his car.

The victim was released at that time, due to his medical condition. He was not listed in the Lubbock County Detention Center at the time of this report. also reached out to police for any updates on the case.