LUBBOCK, Texas — Gary Lee Fox, 21, of Lubbock was sentenced to 40 years on Thursday for injury to a child with serious bodily injury.

Court records said he accepted a guilty plea. Fox and Makayla Fricke, age 22 at the time, were both arrested in April 2019. The case against Fricke was still pending.

Fox admitted to police that he hit the 1-year-old boy hard, multiple times. A police report in court records said the boy was covered in head to toe in bruises. Fox also admitted he “violently squeezed” the baby’s testicles while changing a diaper. He said he did this when the baby would not stop crying.

In a separate but related case, Thomas Matthew Fricke, 45, of Midland was arrested in April 2019. After Fox injured the child, Mr. Fricke was accused of calling the hospital to ask about the child. When he did not get answers, he was accused of threatening to “shoot all the nurses.”

Mr. Fricke later pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 186 days in jail.

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