LUBBOCK, Texas– Mike Woody discovered he needed a kidney transplant in 2019 when he went into kidney failure. After several failed attempts, a potential donor reached out to him thanks to a sticker on Woody’s rear window.

Woody said he had previously gotten his hopes up on a possible match only to be let down. It took a toll on his mental health.

“I mean, the depths of suicide,” Woody said. “I didn’t even really think I was that kind of person, but it’s truly life changing.”

With no kidneys, Woody’s life had depended on dialysis.

“I’m flourishing right now on dialysis, but I have been doing it for three and half years,” Woody said. “I’ve learned how to do it. You don’t take it haphazardly.”

South Plains Kidney Foundation Executive Director, Amie Duemer, said Texas had over 10,000 people on the transplant waiting list. Lubbock had over 1,000 on the donor list alone.

“Dialysis is very hard on the body, so if you are on dialysis and you want to get a transplant you want to do it as quickly as possible,” Duemer said.

Over the years, 11 people had stepped up to help Woody find a kidney, was never successful.

“I was like, yes homerun we are done with this and then they don’t follow through,” Wood said. “Then you fall back down, and you get disappointed.”

“People don’t understand that you can donate a kidney,” Duemer said. “You have two kidneys usually, and you only need one!”

Woody said he was closer than ever before to his miracle, and it all started with the sign on the back of his truck that read, “Kidney donor needed” along with his phone number.

“He’s 24 years old. He’s like, ‘Man, I’ve been following behind you,'” Woody said. “‘I seen the sign and out of nowhere I heard, ‘Just do it,’ and I’m like, that’s God.'”

As of Thursday evening, the potential donor passed the preliminary test to be a match. When doctors give the green light, Woody is expected to have a new kidney in March.

“Everybody says they will do it, but it truly takes a big heart to follow through,” Woody said.