LUBBOCK, TexasPronto Mart Convenient store has been open and operating in Lubbock for 30 years with a mission to serve the community.

The store is known for their great food in particular burritos and most recently memories made within the store.

Ryan Marmolejo said growing up some of the best memories he had was a trip to Pronto Mart with his grandfather Richard who is his role model.

“Every time we would leave his shop, we would always come over here,” Marmolejo said. “We would always get pizza sticks, bean burritos and two Gatorades and we would head back to the shop and start working back on cars.”

Marmolejo said to honor those memories he got a tattoo with him and his grandfather walking up to the Pronto Mart store.

Owner John Molina said his grandparents started this business over 30 years ago and he said he was blown away at this gesture.

“You know every day for us it’s about coming in and doing the work,” Molina said. “We sell the burrito, we happen to love our customers and thank God, they like us back or at least they have kept us around for long enough!”

Marmolejo said his grandfather was not a fan of tattoos but had a change of heart once he saw the artwork.

“I guess it just made him proud to see something that he can look at and be like my grandson honors me,” Marmolejo said.

He said the tattoo took four hours to complete, and it makes him happy to see it impacting others.

Lubbock Ink Owner Victor Ojeda said doing tattoos is what he loves, and this was another project to do that.

“We were just laughing and having fun while I was putting the design together,” Ojeda said. “We included a couple extra features that he wanted, but [some] I was against. I was just like we will do it because it’s going on him. At the end of the day, I just want to please all my clients.”

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