LUBBOCK, Texas – A legacy like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s deserves to be celebrated all weekend long. That’s what the Lubbock MLK Commemorative Council is doing.

The celebrations kick off with the MLK Individual Distinguished Award banquet Friday, January 13th, honoring individuals making a big impact in the community.

This year there will be six recipients: Natalie Anderson, Katrina Milton-White, Coach William Blaylock, Pastor Ray Travenia, Jay and Tammy Reed and Pastor Larry Polk.

Students Abigail Kempf, Areyah Fitch and Halima White will be awarded the Joan Y. Ervin Scholarship totaling $500 each.

Program Coordinator Yolanda Jeffery said these scholarships impact students’ lives every year.

“They help the students so much. If they need extra money, they can finish buying things that they need in college,” Jeffery said.

Like Dr. King, these individuals have been going above and beyond for their communities.

“Those individuals that we are honoring… I think they model the beloved community,” Bishop Deshun Avery said. “We don’t want to just give awards because they never got it. We want people that model Dr. King’s beloved community [and are] serving and helping others.”

Commemorative Council President Tracey Snell-Jackson said it’s also important for the younger generation to be educated on the legacy of King.

“I am a believer that if you do not know your history, you are bound to repeat it,” Snell-Jackson said. “If they learn what he did and try to build on that, we won’t have to repeat what he did.”

“His life shows what it meant to give of yourself,” Avery said. “We can go back to [where he understood] there where threats on his life. But because he cared so much for others, he was willing to not only die, but to make sure someone else’s life was better. So, Dr. King’s legacy, the life of it, our celebration… says it all.”

The Council will also host MLK Youth Night Saturday, January 14 at the Lubbock Memorial Civic Center at 6:00 pm. There will also be a citywide church service the following day, January 15, at 5:00 p.m.

The East Art Lubbock Art House is hosting a community blanket project Monday, January 16, from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. at 40 MLK Jr. Blvd.

Texas Tech University Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion will also host a weekend full of MLK events. For more information visit the website.