LUBBOCK, Texas — In the event Lubbock Meals on Wheels deliveries get canceled due to inclement weather or emergency situations, homebound community members will now have three “healthy meals in a box” available to them with the help of a generous grant and donation from Lubbock Lions Club and Breedlove Foods.

Lubbock MOW will package the emergency meals on October 4 at 1:00 p.m. The meals are set to be delivered on Thursday, October 5.

Lubbock Lions Club and Breedlove Foods have funded non-perishable, shelf-stable food items in the emergency meal box. The box will contain soup, tuna, hot chocolate, applesauce, oatmeal, meal pack and milk.

In the event Lubbock MOW is not able to deliver meals for the day, local media will be notified and recipients will be instructed to use one of the meals in their emergency meal kit, Lubbock MOW said.

All food contained in the emergency boxes is shelf-stable through October 2024, according to Lubbock MOW.