Lubbock motorcycle club stops bullying, asks the community to step up too


LUBBOCK, Texas – After being bullied in school, one Lubbock boy got a surprise from a few new friends.

The United Valor Motorcycle Club showed up to defend him.

“When we sit down and have lunch with him you can tell his demeanor was a little standoff but as we talked about our own personal experiences of having dealt with bullies in the past…he changed a little bit, got a little more comfortable and kind of built a little more confidence in himself,” said Manuel Moreno, the United Valor Motorcycle Club vice president.

They said his attitude changed after a long talk and a quick bite to eat.

“His head was high, he had a smile, his confidence was built back up,” said Tyler Townes, the club’s road captain. “We walked into his class and I mean he walked in like he owned the school and that’s really what it was about. I mean to show him hey, lift your head up, be confident, don’t let these people bring you down.”

The Facebook post about the lunch brought in more people wanting help.

“We’ve had different families reaching out to us about their kids and grandkids and stuff that have been being bullied,” Townes said.

Now the club is challenging the community to step up to do the same thing.

“The other kids if you see someone bullying somebody shut it down,” said Danny Baribeau, the club’s enforcer. “Go up to that bully tell them, look we understand your bullying we don’t know why and then ask them why try to try to shut the situation down it doesn’t have to come to a fight.”

Now, they are going to continue to help as many kids as they can.

“We do plan on doing a lot more not just for that one individual but we do plan on doing more for other kids as well,” Moreno said. “I mean, we want to get back to our community and kids of our future.”

There is an anti-bullying event on Friday at Jakes Sports Bar from 6 PM to 8 PM. The club will be speaking as well as actors from Blood In Blood Out.

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