LUBBOCK, Texas – The motorcycle community mourned the loss of one of their own after 51- year-old Tim Atwood lost his life in a motorcycle crash on Wednesday afternoon.

“You couldn’t have asked for a better man, I’m hurt, I’m hurt for his family, I’m hurt for his extended family, the club that he rides with,” said Stephen Liford, Lubbock Chapter President of the Wind Therapy Freedom Riders.

Atwood was a part of the Messengers riding club in Lubbock, with motorcyclists sharing their frustrations over driving and riding safety. 

“I do worry about the riders. I worry about their safety and what’s going on out there on the roads. I worry about cars cutting in and out of traffic and not looking and paying attention,” said Liford. 

Motorcyclists share one thing in common, the life threatening experiences they face on the road. 

“The amount of cars that miss me is just too close,” said Liford.

“Somebody was pulling out and they pulled right out in front of me and I had to kind of hit my brakes. Luckily, I’ve seen them come in but when you’re on a motorcycle, if you hit your brakes too hard, you’re going down,” said former motorcyclist Richard Reed. 

Some riders have had to make the difficult decision to give up their favorite hobby, “It’s disheartening, because, you know, I keep thinking, ‘Man, I want to go ride my bike,’ because I used to love riding it and then every time I start thinking about it, then there’s another motorcycle wreck,” said Reed.

Liford and Reed emphasize the need for safer roads from drivers and bikers. 

“The motorists need to be aware that the bikes are there. Look in your mirrors, pay attention. Put your cell phones down. You know, just take that extra second to look twice and the same thing goes for the riders. You know, we know they’re not watching for us. So we have to watch for them,” said Liford.

“Take that extra couple seconds at the stoplight, take that extra couple seconds at the stop sign before you pull out or check your mirrors and turn your head when you’re trying to change lanes in the car, because there could be a motorcycle next to you,” said Reed.

To support the Atwood family you can donate to their GoFundMe here.