LUBBOCK, Texas — As illegal dumping issues continued to be noticed across Lubbock, the City wanted to make sure the public understands there are resources to help get rid of your trash and unwanted items.

There are four citizen’s collections stations across the city available to Lubbock residents who are LP&L customers for bulk items, hazardous household material, and yard debris. 

Morgan Ercanbrack, the recycling supervisor with the City of Lubbock said the sites are a chance for residents to dispose of trash properly without the hassle. 

“You can bring us your normal, just large, bulky items. We can do metal items,” Ercanbrack said. “It’s just a great way for citizens to bring items and not have to not know what to do with them or have to drive them all the way out to the landfill.”

Ercanbrack said the use of the collection sites is included in residents LP&L bills every month, which helps with upkeep and security of the area.

“If you’re living within the City of Lubbock and are a City of Lubbock utility paying customer, you’re already paying your $17.50 solid waste fee,” Ercanbrack said. “That helps us finance things for these sites to be able to have the containers, the staff to help guide people in the sites.”

Stewart Walker with City codes recommends for those experiencing illegal dumping to utilize their app for reporting the specific area.

“The MyLubbock app is a very easy, convenient way to report these addresses so that we can make sure that they get into the system and get cleaned up,” Walker said.

The Citizen’s collection stations are for residential use only and are prohibited for commercial business without a license.

For more information on items, you can and cannot bring, visit the City of Lubbock website at