Lubbock, Texas — Open Door hosted its annual open house on Thursday showcasing to the community the new addition to the facility with live music, food and face paintings.

The non-profit organization told that the new service they added to their organization is a free clinic for those who are in need of medical care.

The Open Door facility is located on 13th Street and the clinic is next to the administrative office.

CEO of Open Door, Chad Wheeler said the clinic is open on Friday mornings and is run by student volunteers from the Texas Tech University Health Science Center.

The volunteers receive credit hours for their help and get to be hands-on with the medical field and patients.

“It’s a really big deal for us. It’s again, we’re not serving hundreds of people, but they’re the people we’re serving are some of the highest need individuals in our community.” said Wheeler, “So we’re really excited about being able to get them good care.”

Wheeler said the clinic’s patients are referred by the community center.

Open Door said it hopes to see this clinic continue for many years to come.