Lubbock, Texas — Halloween is less than two weeks away and kids will be in their costumes and buckets ready to go trick-or-treat for candy.

Pediatric Dentist, Roger Tipton, tells that some candies can melt away while other candies can stick to teeth and cause dental issues for kids.

Dr. Tipton said kids should be able to enjoy the candy they collected but in moderation.

Dr. Tipton said that if a cavity starts and goes untreated, it can lead to an infection and cause more dental problems.

He says that there are some candies parents should avoid such as caramel, sour strings and gummies.

“Probably the worst is going to be the sticky, sticky candies like the taffys and unfortunately, the sour patch, the super sour ones, which everyone loves, but they’re so acidic, they’re really tough on the teeth,” said Tipton.

Dr. Tipton said those sticky and tacky candies get stuck to the teeth and can pull on anything such as braces, crowns and fillings.

Having to get those refilled or reinstalled could be pricey and time-consuming, said Dr. Tipton.

“It is currently but dental emergencies, dental issues is really the number one cause for missing school, whether it’s extractions or fillings or whatever.” said Dr. Tipton, “If prevention is the best way to do it, you know.”

The candy that Dr. Tipton recommends children to eat is chocolate.

“Chocolate’s not too bad because it doesn’t stick. And then your saliva kind of melts it away, if you want to put it that way” Dr. Tipton said.

Dr. Tipton also recommends that parents allow their children to enjoy candy for only a week and after, get rid of the candy.

Dr. Tipton said that Double T-Smiles will let parents bring uneaten candy to their location in exchange for points that kids can then exchange for prizes.

Double T-smiles said it will give back to the community by donating the candy it receives to Lubbock Impact.