LUBBOCK, Texas – Lubbock Police Department is reminding the community about the consequences of underage drinking. 

“Since the first football game last week, we’ve caught a ton of fake IDs in the last week and a half,” said Kolby Dodson, General Manager of Bier Haus.

LPD says it issued two citations Thursday night for Misrepresentation of Age by a Minor and for Consumption of Alcohol by a Minor. 

“Until you’re 21, it is illegal to drink alcohol, and also the punishments and ramifications of having a fake ID are misdemeanor offenses, but it will stay with you for a long time,” said LPD Lt. Brady Cross. 

LPD also wants to remind the community that lying about being 21 can also result in a citation. 

“If you just misrepresent your age, that is a violation. Also, if you just tell someone, ‘I’m 21’ and you’re able to get a wristband, that’s also a violation.” said Lt. Cross. “It doesn’t have to be a fictitious or altered or forged government document, just representing yourself as 21 years of age is a violation.”

Bier Haus also has rules set in place to mitigate the issue

“On the game days, we also don’t allow any minors at all. We normally allow 18 And up until eight o’clock. But on game days, we just say no minors at all. It just makes it easier,” said Dodson. 

LPD is expected to patrol the Depot District and Broadway street this weekend.