LUBBOCK, Texas – The Lubbock Police Department is in the middle of a recruiting cycle. They are now in need of applicants for officer and public safety dispatcher positions. 

The entrance exam will take place on July 23. Anyone interested must apply by July 22 before 5 p.m. 

It all starts with that application; once the entrance exam is passed, recruits will go through a physical assessment, then the training academy, and then to field training. All in all, it’s around a one-year process.

Lt. Chad Taska, the Training Commander for the Lubbock Police Academy, said it takes about a year to train somebody after someone else retires. Right now, they’re looking to fill around 15 positions. 

He explained, “$60,000 is your starting pay. And the Lubbock police department pays you through the academy, so you’re paid a salary through the academy.”

Anyone interested is not required to have any previous training or law enforcement experience to apply. 

Lt. Taska added, “We will give them all the training and tools that they need to be an officer.”

However, it’s not just officer positions LPD is looking to fill. They’re also in need of public safety dispatchers. 

Allison Matherly with LPD said, “Those are everything from our call takers in our communication center up through those who are dispatching officers to scenes across town.”

Those positions start out at just over $39,000. 

Both positions have the opportunity for growth along with other benefits. Lt. Taska said it has been a great career for him to support his family. 

“It’s a very rewarding career…It also gives you an opportunity to serve the community to leave this place better than how you found it,” he explained. 

For more information and to find the applications visit the Lubbock Police Department website