Lubbock Police investigate stolen campaign signs


Lubbock Police are investigating the string of stolen Beto O’Rourke campaign signs near Tech Terrace last week. They’re reminding thieves it’s a crime and they can be charged for it. 


 “They’re gonna go spend money and buy another sign so you’re just helping the candidate’s all you’re doing,” said Steve Evans, Lubbock County Republican Party Chairman. 

Even though stealing candidates signs is common during campaign season, Evans said it’s not effective and shouldn’t happen at all. 

“Stealing signs doesn’t change the impact or the outcome of the race,” said Evans.

Beto O’Rourke supporter Susan Tomlinson told us last week she woke up Friday morning to a sign-less yard and she wasn’t alone. There were 12 thefts in her neighborhood. 

“Because it’s an immature act I presume it’s a young person, if it’s an older person who hasn’t grown up yet….well maybe it’s time!” said Susan. 

Nearly 48 hours later, those thieves came back and stole the signs again. This time, Tomlinson caught them on video. 

 “Even if they don’t catch somebody I think that’s okay too because if somebody steals a yard sign we’ll just go buy two more and so that’s a 10 dollar donation to the Beto campaign,” said Tomlinson. 

Lubbock Police said they take property crimes seriously and they put more patrol officers in the areas hit hardest. 

 “It is their property and you’re walking onto their property and stealing something that belongs to them so not a great idea,” said Evans. 

Evans said he hasn’t heard any complaints on the republican side, but he’s expecting it to happen soon. 

“Don’t try to electrify them. Don’t try to hurt people. It’s vandalism, it’s theft, it’s harmless, but it’s going to happen,” Evans said. 

If you have video of thieves stealing signs from your house, Lubbock Police ask you to send it their way. 

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