Lubbock Police responded to shots fired calls, some with gunshot victims this week


LUBBOCK, Texas — A check of police reports indicated a number of shots-fired calls in Lubbock in the last week. More than one incident resulted in injuries.

2100 block of 34th Street

Police were called Tuesday night after shots were fired inside an apartment in the 2100 block of 34th Street. A woman let a friend stay with her for a few days, according to a police report.

She had just taken a shower and was getting dressed. Her friend was lying on a bed while she was looking in her closet for something to wear. That’s when she saw a man pointing a gun at her.

It was about that time her friend jumped off the bed and went after the man who had the gun. The two struggled over the gun while the woman hid in her closet. She heard a gunshot. A moment later her friend hid with her in the closet.

When they came out, she noticed her friend had a wound and was bleeding from his back. She also reported some property was stolen. She kept asking her friend what happened, but he never answered.

The woman could not remember if she locked her front door, but police found no sign of forced entry. Her friend was taken by EMS to Covenant Medical Center.

The seriousness of his injuries was not listed in the police report, but it did say he was up and walking around after the shooting.

3200 block of Itasca Street

Lubbock Police were called late Tuesday morning to the 3600 block of Jarvis Street, but later tracked down the correct address as the 3200 block of Itasca Street.

Police were told someone was shot, but officers at the scene did not locate a gunshot victim. The police report said two people got out of a vehicle, both armed possibly with a shotgun and a rifle. They shot at someone else’s vehicle. Then they left, according to the police report.

2300 block of Auburn Street

On Monday evening police were called for shots fired in the 2300 block of Auburn Street. An armed man forced his way into a residence, demanded money and shot the owner of the residence in the leg. (See related story)

3000 block of East 2nd Place

Lubbock Police were called to the 3000 block of East 2nd Place Saturday night (November 21) for shots fired. At first, neighbors called police to report shots fired. As officers got closer, they also heard shots.

A woman had just dropped off her friend after going out to some clubs. She said the driver of a maroon Nissan Ultima started shooting in her direction. Police did not see any damage to her vehicle. But officers did find shell casings nearby.

Police were then able to get a search warrant for a particular house near the shooting. Officers found cocaine and a stash of cash.

East 8th Street and Zenith Avenue

Police were called Saturday night (November 21) and early Sunday morning to East 8th Street and Zenith Avenue for shots fired. The two calls were a little less than four hours apart.

In the Saturday call, police did not find anyone injured or any property damaged. Shell casings and vehicle tire marks were found at the nearby intersection of East 8th Street and Beech Avenue.

In the Sunday call, people heard gunshots and called police. One neighbor saw a pickup truck in the street. Two of three people were outside the truck and shooting, according to a police report. One of the guns was described as an assault rifle.

The neighbor said one of them ran out of ammunition, reloaded and then went back to shooting. They suddenly stopped shooting and drove off, according to the police report.

There were no injuries reported.

50th Street and Slide Road

Lubbock Police were called early Saturday morning to the 4800 block of Slide Road. A man told police he was riding his bike at 50th Street and Slide. He said a car pulled up alongside of him and someone in the passenger seat fired a BB gun. The bike rider was hit in the hand.

The victim heard the shooter laugh and then the vehicle took off. The bike rider was treated by EMS at the scene.

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