LUBBOCK, Texas – The cost of a Thanksgiving dinner for ten has gone up by twenty percent this year, according to the American Farm Bureau. Yet despite the rising price, it has not stopped families from splurging on their meals.

Hill Barbecue has been in business for the past four years and caters a variety of meals from smoked turkeys, ham, ribs and briskets. They say the need for a catered Thanksgiving meal has only gone up. 

“Business is great, Thanksgiving orders are great. We have a great customer base that’s been with us for a while now,” said Andrew Hill, owner and chef at Hill Barbecue. 

Hill says customers opt for a smoked or easier option when it comes to preparing their holiday meals, “They like our smoked turkey so I don’t know,  it’s a hassle to make a smoked turkey too. So to just pick it up at your local barbecue joint, that’s really cool.”

Wholesale turkey prices have also jumped by 23 percent this past year but customers have still shopped from their favorites. 

“I think barbecue is a little oasis away from your everyday busy life,” said Hill.

Turkey is not the only thing affected by inflation this year as baked goods have also taken a hit. 

“Two years ago I could get about 15 dozen eggs for about $30, now it’s almost $60 so I’ve had to raise my prices as any small business had to,” said Michella Freeman, owner of Mickey’s Sweet Creations.

Freeman has been in business for the past five years, selling baked goods from pies to cinnamon rolls. Freeman was worried that inflation prices might turn customers away from having her pies at their dinner table but has been surprised this holiday season. 

“We still get customers and it’s good, business has been good. I put out my menu Monday and I’m already almost sold out,” said Freeman. 

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