LUBBOCK, Texas – The City of Lubbock Solid Waste Management will be paying for people to receive their dumpster truck certification in hopes of bringing in more employees.

“We’re struggling for staffing, we’re no different than anybody else,” said Brenda Haney, Director of solid waste. 

Haney states that the department is currently working at 60% capacity and have changed trash pick up schedules and routes to make up for the staffing shortage. 

“Right now, it’s very difficult to get commercial drivers that are already licensed. We’ve got that extra layer of expectations put on people with a commercial driver’s license, there’s a huge demand nationally for people with a commercial driver’s license,” said Haney, “So we’re competing against everybody, literally. So it’s really hard for us to get good qualified people that want to do this work.”

The department of waste will now be paying for people’s certification, an effort to bring in more talent that was revealed at Tuesday’s city council meeting. 

“We’re going to start what we’re going to call an Apprentice Commercial Driver’s License Training Program. We thought we would give folks an opportunity to go and get their license and then we would bring them on as employees,” said Haney, “We’ll hire them as an apprentice, we’ll send them off to school for a couple of weeks, once they get their commercial driver’s license, we’ll bring them on, we’ll make them a full time heavy equipment operator too and put them in a garbage truck and get them to work.”

The certification program is only two weeks long through the South Plains College. 

“This gives us an opportunity to kind of bring our own talent in and raise them up in our business. I’d be thrilled if I could get five people on board through the program. My target, of course, is to be fully staffed,” said Haney. 

You can visit the city’s human resource page here for updates on job openings.