LUBBOCK, Texas – The Lubbock Police Department’s SWAT Team placed second out of thirty teams in the Texas Tactical Police Officers Association 2022 competition.

The competition in Conroe, TX took place October 6-9. The teams responded to different situations and were tested on their communication, teamwork, gear, and response times.

Members of LPD’s SWAT team said it was physically and mentally exhausting, and they didn’t get off to a great start. Day one, they were sitting in 19th place, but they said they stayed positive and were able to climb up to second.

“Even though this is a competition, we take everything that we do in that, and we try to apply it to the real world,” Lt. Jasper Koenig said. As the SWAT Commander, Lt. Koenig said that he sees a positive difference in the team when they compete in these competitions.

“The time when we started this, and now, our team as a whole has progressed greatly,” he explained.

Officer Jason Harville was one of the seven on LPD’s team in the competition. He said, “It creates a sense of accountability. That when preparing for it, you want to do well. But you also want to be able to represent your team and you’re city well.”

Lubbock’s SWAT team is a part time team and was right behind San Antonio and other major full-time teams for most of the events. “We learn things from those big departments to bring back,” Lt. Koenig explained.

He added that all around, these competitions not only benefit the SWAT team, but the entire city as well.

They try to participate in competitions like this once or twice a year. They said if everything lines up, they’ll be heading to Florida next month for the SWAT Round Up International.