LUBBOCK, Texas — On Friday, Oct. 13, tattoo shops around Lubbock had deals in honor of Friday the 13. visited Stay True Tattoo to see the line wrapped around the corner.

While some tattoos can cost thousands of dollars, Stay True Tattoo capped their prices at $31 for the day and had pages full of small tattoo sketch designs to choose from. 

People started lining up hours before their opening time, at 8:30 a.m. according to Stay True Tattoo owner, Veronica Mora. They plan to stop people from lining up at around 7:30 or 8 p.m. so that the artists can go home at a reasonable time.

“I drove by and I was like, ‘Am I still gonna wait in line?’ Then I was like, ‘I’m gonna wait in line. It’s fine,’” customer Monique Ayala said.

Ayala was sitting in a chair, getting her chosen tattoos after three hours of waiting in line. 

Customers chose designs like spaceships or dogs dressed as ghosts.

“Jason masks, the number 13, we’ve got a Texas with the 13 in it,” Mora said about the designs that are options this year.

Mora said Stay True Tattoo was inspired to do Friday the 13 deals after seeing a tattoo shop in Dallas do it.

“…And it just kind of grew into the monster that you see today,” Mora said.

Mora estimated they’ll see close to 500 customers on the special day. She’s been taking calls for months from people checking in to make sure they’re doing their annual special. 

While it might not make them more money in the long run, Mora said it’s all worth it. 

“We get to see people that normally can’t afford to come in and get a tattoo and they line up and they wait hours to see us and it’s just the most amazing feeling,” Mora said.

Some took work off for the occasion and others held their friends’ hands throughout the tattoo process. All in all, Ayala thinks the wait is worth it as well. 

“It makes me happy,” Ayala said.