LUBBOCK, Texas — Close to a week after harsh storms hit the South Plains, local tree trimming companies are taking call after call, trying to help people recover and prevent another disaster from happening.

Texas Green Tree Services is one Lubbock company working double their usual hours to remove fallen trees from yards and trimming trees so that they don’t fall on houses or power lines in future storms.

“We’ve been working since the storm nonstop. We’ve been working so we’ve not had a break. We work late hours trying to help everybody in the community,” Don Livette with Texas Green Tree Services said.

What was once an eight-hour workday for Livette and his crew, is now a 12-to-14-hour day, but he said his crew is happy to do it.

“My guys don’t always want to go home because they feel blessed to help people,” Livette said.

However, to prevent future disasters, Livette recommends that if someone has a large tree in their yard keep it trimmed regularly. Trimming prevents the risk of limbs falling on a house or power lines.

15,000 Lubbock Power & Light customers lost power last Friday and a large portion of the outages were due to trees falling on power lines from high winds and lightning strikes.

Matt Rose, the Public Affairs and Government Relations Manager at LP&L said they were able to restore power to homes quickly, but they don’t want to see widespread outages in future storms. To keep this from happening, Rose said they are working with another tree trimming company in Lubbock to do preventative trimming in the coming weeks.

“Here in Lubbock, trees come at a premium and nobody wants to see any tree cut back to any extent, but these types of storms really show you that without proactive tree trimming this could have been far, far worse,” Rose said.

Rose said he recommends people contact LP&L if they see trees too close to power lines around the city so they can take care of it. He said if they need to trim a tree on someone’s property, they will be sure to make contact with the owner beforehand.

For those who have large trees in their own yard that they want to be trimmed, Rose said to either contact LP&L or another local tree trimming business.