Lubbock, Texas — Disney’s The Lion King has made its way to West Texas and will be at the Buddy Holly Hall from October 6 through the 15.

The Lion King animated movie came out in 1994 and has since been adapted into a Broadway musical and live-action movie.

The Lion King’s music contributes to the experience of the play.

Daralene Drew, a flutist for The Lion King, said that she knew she wanted to be in The Lion King once she saw the musical in Los Angeles.

“Kind of pick my jaw up off the floor and so i’m going to learn how to do this, so it was quite an undertaking,” Drew tells us, “But it really opened up a whole new musical career for me.”

Drew said she learned to play 13 flutes in less than a year for the production. She is now is one of 12 musicians that tour with the show.

“I cover 13 different instruments from all over the world that make up the musical palette in the show,” Drew said.

Drew mentioned how different flutes are for certain characters in the musical.

Drew expressed, “you may have seen the movie. This goes to a whole other level to see it live. It’s the story of the Lion King, but there’s so much more than the story.”