LUBBOCK, Texas – Congressman Jodey Arrington of Lubbock led the Texas Republican delegation in unveiling its border security plan Thursday.

Rep. Arrington said in a press release, “No one understands or appreciates the widespread social and economic costs of Biden’s unprecedented open border crisis like the people of Texas. It only makes sense for the Texas Delegation to lead the way in using every tool and authority to secure the border, defend our sovereignty, and protect our citizens – and all Americans – from this epic disaster.”

The delegation’s agenda included four priority areas from completion of the physical border infrastructure, fixing border enforcement policies, enforcing laws in the interior and targeting cartels and criminal organizations.

Congressman Brian Babin, the Border Security Caucus Co-Chair said, “With the Texas Border Commitment as our framework, we will work with leaders in the state and across the country to ensure our laws are enforced and the nation is once again protected.”

Gracie Gomez, the chairwoman of the Democratic Party in Lubbock commented on the border security plan, “As a first generation American whose parents came to this country as the very ones Jodey and his base target with hate, I have previously called out Jodey for his rhetoric… I know of no one in my party that is ‘for’ the entering of criminals into this state or country. On the contrary, most will support any fair process that can help eliminate this from occurring, but the truth is that Jodey is targeting any and all wishing to come to work hard all their lives, for this country and for their families, as my parents did.”