Lubbock, Texas — The Burkhart Center for Autism Education and Research at Texas Tech will showcase student’s art pieces at The Louise Hopkins Underwood Center for the Arts as part of the First Friday Art Trail.

Shayla Bozarth, an art teacher at the Burkhart Center, said she is proud of her students because they have worked for months on their projects with little to no help.

Bozarth told that the students have three props they will be displaying in their artwork.

“The students have been able to use the skills. Said Bozarth, “We’ve talked them in vocation, in life skills, and really put that into their art piece this art trail. And so I’m looking forward to the people coming out and getting to see just who they but just who our students are because they have really done everything independently and really worked hard on this.”

Bozarth said the students have two hours of art a day. This allows the students to connect with themselves and express their feelings, according to Bozarth.

“We just really get them out in the in the real job settings and then they come back to the city and we do vocation classes,” said Bozarth, “getting them job ready with the resume interview skills. We also do life skills, social skills to help with the whole aspect of a job because we are human and we can communicate.”

Bozarth explained how proud and happy she is for her students to get an opportunity to show Lubbock what talent they have.