LUBBOCK, Texas– If you plan on decluttering your home, you may want to avoid throwing your things away. Lubbock’s Habitat for Humanity ReStore could use those spare items. In fact, they need them.

Sales from the ReStore help Habitat for Humanity’s mission of building homes for people in the community, but without inventory, there is no funding.

Executive Director Christy Reeves said the stores’ new location first opened in 2020 and had been thriving until recently.

“We feel like people are shopping and buying things so quickly, which is wonderful, but we need to keep replenishing that inventory,” Reeves said.

Customers may shop for new and gently used furniture, home decor and clothing at affordable prices.

“We need our staff to be able to go out on our truck and pick up things every day from people who are cleaning out their house and buying new things,” Reeves said.

The store also accepts building supplies, such as light fixtures, paint and doors.

Libby German, a regular customer, said she enjoys not only shopping, but helping the mission.

“It’s just stuff that I thought I don’t need this anymore,” German said. “You know how you go through stuff; we don’t save up for garage sales. We just try to get rid of it as it gets accumulated. So, I fill up the back of my car and stop by here when it gets full.”

Habitat for Humanity builds around six homes a year, and the revenue from the store is essential.

“It’s a win-win!” Reeves said. “You get rid of it; we come and get it. We build more houses. We build the community. We just need stuff.”

To schedule a pickup with the store, or to drop something off, visit 3650 50th Street.