LUBBOCK, Texas — The Lubbock man accused of capital murder Wednesday morning for the death of a little girl was arrested previously on a charge of abandoning or endangering a child.

Trevor Marquis Rowe was arrested on the evening of March 5, 2018. The case was later dismissed “in the interest of justice.”

Court records did not explain further what was meant by “in the interest of justice.”

Police responded to a burglary alarm at a home in the 3300 block of 88th Street. The front door was unlocked, and police heard a child crying. Police found two children inside.

The police report said, “We looked around the listed address for an adult that may have been home watching the children. There were no adults home.”

Police called Children’s Protective Services. While police were on scene, Rowe came back to the house.

A police report said, “[Rowe] stated that he had left the children alone, because they were sleeping, and they were going to need food when they woke up. [Rowe] advised he thought it would be fine to ride his bike to get them food.”

In the current case against Rowe for capital murder, court records said the little girl was not his own child. But in the 2018 police report, Rowe was described as the father of the two children left alone.

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Marion Jester-Montoya (Photo provided by Sheliah Montoya)