LUBBOCK, Texas — Lubbock Police arrested Eugene Rivas, Jr., 41, early Saturday morning for stalking and firing a gun inside city limits.

Police were called just before midnight to the 4600 block of Avenue L for the report of shots fired. A police report quoted witnesses as saying Rivas pulled a vehicle “aggressively” into the front yard of a home.

In the texts [the suspect] stated that he hopes [the victim] dies tonight.

lubbock police report

According to the police report, Rivas had a gun as he approached the house. He demanded to know if a particular woman was there. The police report described her as his “ex” but it wasn’t specific about ex-girlfriend or ex-wife.

Rivas was told “no” and that he needed to leave.

“[A witness] stated that [the suspect] then lifted a gun that he was holding and shot approximately 3 times towards the house, and the alley,” the police report said.

“[The suspect] then jumped in his vehicle and sped off northbound on Ave L,” it also said.

An officer in the police report wrote, “While I was on scene speaking with [the intended victim] she received two lengthy texts from [the suspect]. In the texts [the suspect] stated that he hopes [the victim] dies tonight.”

The police report quoted the text messages from Rivas that he wanted to hit the victim with gunfire when he shot at the house.

Police found Rivas a short time later and arrested him. He was held Saturday in the Lubbock County Detention Center on bonds totaling more than $155,000.