A homeowner wants to find the suspects who assaulted him before stealing his belongings, including his car on Saturday.

Thomas Serpa was at home when he said two men approached his front door. He was unsure if he knew them until they got close. That’s when he realized they were strangers.

“They just came up and were acting like they knew me, and the closer they got the more I knew I didn’t know them,” said Serpa.

He got an uneasy feeling, and that was when they barged into his home and assaulted him, he said.

“He hit me and a few times right after on the couch,” he said. “He was holding me down, choking and hitting me.”

Serpa said the indviduals kept asking for his belongings including his wallet, phone, keys, and other items.

He was scared he was going to die, until they made one comment.

“He said they were leaving the TV and I was a little relieved cause it implied I was going to live,” he said.

The suspects fled the home in Serpa’s truck, he said. Serpa stayed on the ground until he knew they were gone.

“I fought back a little bit but he’d hit me more so I stopped,” he said.

Serpa was not seriously injured and filed a report with police, but wanted to share his story in hopes that he can prevent it from happening to anyone else.

If you see a 2008 tan/grey GMC Sierra with the license plate 02S-ML7, report it to crime line at 741-1000. You can remain anonymous.