LUBBOCK, Texas – Families were at Mackenzie Park kayaking and paddle boarding Sunday afternoon when they were approached by a man with a BB gun, aiming and shooting in their direction

“It could have turned into a very dangerous situation out there yesterday even though that man just had a BB gun,” said Ty Ladue, owner of Bait Kandy, a bait shop that rents out kayaks and paddle boards.

Bait Kandy’s volunteer, Justin, jumped into action.

“The man was pointing the gun at children and women on the kayaks, and Justin went over there to talk to him, and that’s when the guy started shooting at Justin,” said Ladue.

Justin was able to tackle the shooter, holding him down until police arrived. 

“We’re just glad he was there because it could have gotten worse. It’s all about protecting the women and children,” said Ladue, “and sometimes there’s bad people out there And we see that and if we can take precautions, we do.” 

Bait Kandy strives to prioritize their customer’s safety and fun at all times.

“Don’t be scared to go to the lake, It happens everywhere. But if you do come to the Lake on the weekends and we’re out there, we got your back.” Said Ladue, “We’re just glad everybody was safe and we don’t want to have you be scared to go to the lake.”

Bait Kandy currently rents out watersports at Mackenzie park on the weekends for $10 an hour, for information on kayak and paddle board rentals you can head to Bait Kandy’s Facebook here.