LUBBOCK, Texas — The Matador community saw risks of severe weather on Wednesday, only three months after a deadly EF3 tornado ripped through the town, taking lives, businesses and homes with it. 

Out of twelve homes that fell in Matador, there are plans to rebuild eight. visited one home that was under construction on Wednesday. The owner, Anthony Boyd, works 10 hours a day so he can have the house finished in the early months of 2024.

A storm shelter was one of the first things Boyd built in his new home as he wants to be prepared if severe weather comes back to visit the town. He’ll never be able to forget the tornado that took his house down in June.

“I can hardly describe it because I went deaf for a couple minutes,” Boyd said.

The homeowner made it to safety in his basement before the tornado hit, but the storm still left him with scars.

 “Anytime we get any thunderstorms, especially at night, it really kind of gets to me,” Boyd said.

After the tornado, his house was in a pile and one of his trucks was in a ball down the street.

Boyd said he’s been able to recover with the help of his community, volunteers and donations.

While some might’ve thought he would move away after the storm since he wasn’t native to Matador, the event only made him more confident in his decision to live there after he experienced the love of his community.

“I really do feel like this community is really worth fighting for and rebuilding together,” Boyd said.

Boyd said from now on, he routinely checks the weather in Matador and feels more at peace knowing there’s a new mesonet tower just down the street from him. He believes it could help give his town more of a warning if there’s another severe weather storm. At least, more than they had in the last one.

“The fact that we didn’t really get much warning until the last minute … it really leaves you on edge,” Boyd said.

But Boyd said he feels more prepared in the case that another severe weather storm comes through, and he is sure his community will have his back.