LUBBOCK, Texas — Several months after the Jan. 11 wreck that killed two first-responders Nicholas Reyna with Lubbock P.D. and Lieutenant Eric Hill with Lubbock Fire rescue, firefighter Matt Dawson is still on the road to recovery.

Matt Dawson’s injuries included a traumatic brain injury, fractured ribs, fractures in his face and a broken femur, amongst other injuries.

“Matt’s injury was on the right side of his brain and so on the right side of your brain is your short term memory, along with other things,” Chanda Dawson, Matt’s wife, said.

Matt was transported to Craig Hospital in Colorado to receive treatment for his traumatic brain injury. Chanda said after spending several months at the facility, Matt has shown improvement.

“He is able to feed himself, brush his teeth, get dressed, he foot propels in his wheelchair,” Chanda said.

Chanda said she had been asked to create a Facebook page to keep folks filled in. She decided to hold off on creating one until the right time, making sure Matt was ready to share.

“He’s been really open about it so I really just wanted his blessing before I did anything too public,” Chanda said.

She created the DawsonStrong972 Facebook page. Within a few weeks, the page already has more than three thousand followers. She said they were receiving support not only from the Lubbock community, but people across the country.

“We have so much support it’s amazing,” Chanda said.

Chanda said one of the most difficult parts of his journey has been the coronavirus. She said they were not able to see each in-person for some time.

“The accident itself obviously has been difficult, but like I said we’re Christians and we know God has a plan for this and he’s given me strength,” Chanda said. “I knew I was a strong person but He’s given me more strength than I knew I could handle and so definitely the coronavirus has just been the hardest part.”

Chanda said she is so grateful for the outpouring of support they have received, she also wants her followers to take something more away from Matt’s recovery.

“We know that God’s using this… his injury and our journey to show what miracles He can perform,” Chanda said.

Matt is expected to come home August 13, the couple’s lucky number. Chanda said Matt will receive in-patient care for some time. Chanda said their family is their support system and can’t wait for him to return to Lubbock.

The DawsonStrong972 page can be found below: