LUBBOCK, Texas- McAlister Dog Park will hopefully be open by the fourth of July and several other projects at McAlister Park are in-the-works as well, former Lubbock councilman Randy Christian told KLBK News on Wednesday.    

Dog park amenities include bathrooms, water fountains, and lights for evening play. Additionally, there are three sections: one for big dogs, another for little dogs and an agility training course.

The foundation is built, but the department of Parks and Recreation is still working on cosmetic features.

The park, which is located between the Marsha Sharp Freeway and Spur 327 in southwest Lubbock, will span 5-acres of land. It is on the far northeast end of McAlister Park.

“This will become a destination location. It’s so nice that you could easily spend the majority of an afternoon here with friends, family and your dog,” Christian said.

Other developments at McAlister Park include the addition of a food truck area, pickleball courts, covered basketball courts and the Milestones indoor, sensory playground.

“Our goal is to find more public-private partnerships, like we did with the dog park,” Christian added.

Many of the activities available at McAlister Park would not be possible without community partnerships, he explained.

In the coming years, Christian said the city hopes to build a skate park and splash pad.

“People know McAlister Park is here and is going to be magnificent,” he shared.

The former councilman said the opening ceremony for the dog park will be held sometime in the coming weeks.