LUBBOCK, Texas — A police report described a shooting Monday evening in the 2300 block of Auburn Street.

A man and woman live together as a couple. There is also one more person living there who was described as a friend.

The police report said someone knocked on the door and when asked, “Who is it?” he responded with “It’s Marcus.”

When the door was opened two armed men came in. The first one fired a shot which did not hit anyone.

The first gunman began demanding money, according to the police report, saying “Give me the money. Give me what you got!”

The man who lived there (the owner of the residence) said, “What is going on?”

The first gunman then demanded money and fired a second shot. The man was shot in the leg.

The two suspects took property from the friend who lived there, according to the police report. Then they left.

The couple told police that they think the shooter knows an acquaintance of theirs. (The acquaintance is not the friend who lives with them.)

Police spoke to the gunshot victim at University Medical Center. It turned out this acquaintance was rumored to have “come into some money” perhaps $800 or $900. This acquaintance also had an outstanding warrant for his arrest.