SLATON, Texas — An arrest warrant publicly released on Thursday revealed new information in the case of a missing man from Slaton, Celestino Rodriguez, 79.

UPDATED Story Link: Body found, possibly that of Celestino Rodriguez

Slaton Police met with Rodriguez’s daughter on August 4. Rodriguez was last seen the day before that. The warrant said, “Rodriguez is 79 years of age and suffers from multiple health issues, including but not limited to Type 1 Diabetes and is prescribed insulin for treatment.”

Toby Daughtry said someone beat up Rodriguez and left him out in the country in a field.

Source: Arrest warrant

A Silver Alert was issued for Rodriguez. It was then called off on August 7 when his car was found in Milam County “along a small waterway in an area surrounded by approximately 8-10 foot tall vegetation.” However, Rodriguez was not found with the car, and he remains missing.

“A shoe and cane [were] located in the vehicle,” the warrant said.

The next day, officers in Milam County found Toby Daughtry because an eyewitness saw him with the car before it was abandoned.

Image of Celestino Rodriguez from Slaton Police

The warrant said Daughtry told someone else that the car was stolen, and he got it from someone who had beaten up an old man.

That other someone “left the man [Rodriguez] out in the country in a field” the warrant said. Texas Rangers then talked to Daughtry.

“Daughtry stated that he and Amanda Blagburn had driven the Chrysler 200 with handicap tags to the area around Milano, Texas. He stated during this time, Blagburn was in contact via messaging with David Hampton. Hampton told her to get rid of the car because it was involved in something bad.”

Images of Blagburn and Daughtry provided by Lubbock Police

Daughtry and Blagburn wiped down the car to get rid of fingerprints and left the car in a secluded place – hoping that law enforcement would find it.

“Daughtry stated that he had obtained the car from Hampton in Lubbock, Texas on Saturday, August 3rd,” the warrant said. “He stated Hampton told him ‘they’ had beaten an old man and left him in the country outside of Lubbock and taken the car. When asked who “they” were, he stated that he believed Hampton was referring to himself and Brett Garza.”

Daughtry and Blagburn were arrested in Lubbock on Wednesday for unauthorized use of a motor vehicle.

UPDATE: Hampton was arrested in Abilene Thursday afternoon. Related Story: Hampton arrested, related to missing man

On August 9, Brett Garza, 33, and David Wayne Hampton, 53, were named by police as persons of interest. By that time Lubbock Police joined Slaton police in working on the case.

Images of Brett Garza and David Wayne Hampton from Lubbock Co. Detention Center (previous arrests)

Garza was arrested in Lubbock in the early morning hours of Thursday.

On Tuesday, Lubbock Police released a surveillance image and video of a man who has not yet been publicly named. He was also described as a person of interest.

Daughtry and Blagburn remained in the Lubbock County Detention Center on Thursday. As of Thursday, Hampton was still at large.

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